Science Lapbooks for Homeschoolers

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Lapbooking through… is a relatively new series for Elemental Science, but it’s something that we plan on continuing to expand in the coming years.  Each of our science lapbooks have…

  • a reading plan for both younger and older students.
  • all of the templates and directions needed to create a science lapbook that you student can refer back to for years.
  • a list of additional books and activities that coordinate with each lesson.

The series is designed to be a gentle approach to homeschool science education for multiple ages.  If you want to see what other people are saying about our science lapbooks, check out these blogs…

Currently we have six science lapbooks available exclusively at CurrClick.  We will continue to add a science lapbook about every three months to the series and will eventually cover the fields of biology, earth science, astronomy, chemistry and physics.  Here is a list of the currently available titles…


Earth Science

  • Lapbooking through Rocks (coming soon)




To view samples of each of our science lapbooks, visit our Currclick store.

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