The Big Road Trip & a Few Giveaways

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We’ve had a good week traveling the country.  I guess you could say we’ve been on a giant field trip across the US.  I’m amazed by how big and beautiful our country is.  I’m so grateful for the chance to share it with my kids.  I thought I’d share  few pictures from our journey so far.

So far, we’ve been on two of the Sioux Nation Reservations and seen the National Grasslands in South Dakota.  The grasslands are far to vast to have a picture due them justice.  It’s something that you must experience in person, but here’s one of the many images we captured…

We also visited the Badlands, which are incredible in their own way.  I’ve never seen anything like them!  It was like walking on a foreign planet :).  Then yesterday, we got to visit Mt. Rushmore, which little man calls “George’s Mountain”. ..

I find it amazing that almost 100 years ago they sculpted this monument even though they didn’t have access to all the technology we do now.

Next we headed through the Black Hills towards Yellowstone.  Tomorrow we will enter Yellowstone National Park and cross of one more item from my “I want to see this before I die” list.  So as you can guess I’m pretty excited right now!

Also, have you seen the Elemental Science reviews this week?  Each blog is giving away the product they are reviewing, so you don’t want to miss the chance to enter!

Well, that’s the highlights from our week, hope you had a great one too!  Be sure to check out what others are up at the weekly wrap-up.

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  1. Me and my camera have always wanted to go there. How fun!!!

    We need to stop spending all of my hubby’s vacation time going back to Michigan to be ignored by family and go somewhere fun. LOL

    • It is so beautiful here, your camera would love it, but good for you putting family first. Luckily our family lives sort-of close by ;).

  2. Thank you for all the giveaway links! I’ve read many good things about Elemental Science, and I would love to try it!

  3. Hi,
    I tried to like to this site to post for the Human Body Lapbook, from these Temporary Tents, but the site didn’t work correctly. I had to search to fine it and see it’s missing the ‘blog’ after the .com


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