The Rest of the Big Road Trip and Giveaways

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We are home now and I can’t tell you how glad I am.  It was wonderful to see so much of the US, but I feel like I have to get my land legs again after spending so much time in the car ;).  Here’s what our week has been like…

The Rest of the Big Road Trip:

We went to Yellowstone, which has been a long standing dream of mine.  It was everything I thought it would be and more!  We drove into the park and within a few hours we had seen bison, elk, mule deer, a grizzly bear and it’s cub, plus a lot of squirrels, birds and chipmunks. We also had chances the next day to see a grey wolf and a black bear, along with additional sightings of the animals we had seen before.   The park is packed with wildlife!

More than that Yellowstone is home to some amazing geological features, such as hot springs, boiling mud pits and geysers.  It’s a biochemist’s dream to see all those hots springs with their thermophile bacteria. Life is amazing!

hot spring at YellowstonePrincess was amazed at the colors we saw in the various calderas, but she was even more amazed to find out that the colors were caused by the heat-loving bacteria.  However, she didn’t love the sulfur smell :).

We also got to see Old Faithful and the Beehive Geyser go off at the same time, which is rare because Beehive doesn’t blow at regular intervals.  We were much closer to Old Faithful, but Beehive is the one that really put on the show.

Beehive GeyserLittle man couldn’t stop saying “geyser” all day, so I pretty sure he enjoyed it :).  On our way out of Yellowstone, we stopped at the Grand Tetons, which were very awe inspiring.

Jackson Lake at the Grand TetonsThey were a nice wrap up to our trip out west, much better than the 4 day drive home that followed.

This Week’s Reviews & Giveaway’s:

This is the final week of Elemental Science reviews and giveaways.  If you haven’t read them yet, be sure to check each of the blogs out…

Hope that you all had a great week as well!  Be sure to stop by Kris’s blog for this week’s weekly wrap-up.


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  1. I was here many years ago and I have such good memories of so much beauty and just so much of God’s beautiful creation!!! I love looking at your pictures.

  2. Yellowstone is one of my favorite places. I feel like each time I go I discover something I hadn’t seen before.

    Looks like you had such a fun trip!

    • Yellowstone has become one of my favorite places too and I wish we could go back, but 4 days in the car is not something I want to repeat anytime soon :).

  3. Your trip looks amazing! I am hoping to take the kids out west within the next couple years. We studied the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone rock formations last year and I would love to let the kids see them first hand!

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