Weekly Report: Writing Projects and Outlines

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Another week down and thanks to Therry who suggested a fabulous website for preschoolers on last week’s report, things went much better with little man!  I’m working on getting some bags together for him, so I’ll try to post about them next week.


This week princess did her first outline for history from the Usborne History Encyclopedia.  It went better than I expected, but we definitely have a lot more practice to do before I can ask her to create an outline on her own.  We also spent time talking about Noah’s Ark, the Ice Age and dinosaurs this week.  Here’s a look at her memory cards…

Mystery of History cards


This was our first real week with Classical Writing Homer and everything went rather smoothly.  It’s definitely a step up in work for princess, but she rose to the challenge.  Here’s her retelling of Hercules and the Wagoner…

Once upon a time there was a Wagoner who had wagon full of hay that was driving on muddy road. He got stuck halfway in the mire. The more the horses pulled the deeper it sank. The Wagoner threw down his whip and prayed to Hercules “O’ Hercules the strong, help me that I may go on my way.” quoth the Wagoner.

Hercules answered “Put your shoulders to the wheel and push.”

“But Hercules you strong and I am weak,” quoth the Wagoner.  

 “I will give you the power to do it,” said Hercules.

Moral: Those who help themselves will get help from others.

Science & Art:

We spend our science time this week talking about classification.  One of the want more activities was to create your own species of animal.  I thought that it would be perfect to combine this activity with our art assignment, which was to make some more cave art.  Here’s the animal that princess came up with (sorry the picture is a bit blurry, but it’s from my phone)…

cave art animal

It’s a six legged, six eyed sheep with six horns that says “te te”. Gotta love a child’s imagination!

Around the Web:

I’ve got nature study on the brain this week, here’s what I’ve found around the web…

  • What is Nature Study?: The latest edition of the Science Corner is all about nature study!
  • Nature Tales: This the latest lens from Squidoo Lens Guru Jimmie and it does not disappoint!  She has compiled a wonderful list of resources to use for discovering nature through books.
  • Bubbles & Lavender: This is the latest Hands & Hearts Art, Nature and Handicraft kit and it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun!

We’ll that’s what our week looked like, how was yours? I’m linking this up to the Weekly Wrap-up!


  1. I think her Hercules summary looks wonderful!

  2. I just ordered that Hearts and Trees kit too. We’re using another that I had purchased and put away. Loving it so far!

  3. Love the artwork! I’d love some more information on your history outline – my little one would love that!

    • Patty,

      We are using Mystery of History as our spine and then adding in outline work from the Usborne History Encyclopedia as per the Well-trained Mind. The cards pictures are memory cards that I made to go along with our study. Mystery of History suggests that you make them, but I wanted to spice it up a bit :).