Elemental Science’s Lapbooking through the Solar System

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Welcome back to the Product of the Month by Elemental Science!

Today, I want to share with you the details of the newest lapbook by Elemental Science, Lapbooking through the Solar System.  Our Lapbooking through… series uses science lapbooks for a more relaxed approach to homeschool science education.  We currently have 7 lapbooks available at our CurrClick store, including Lapbooking through the Solar System.

What are the key features of our Lapbooking through… series?

The Lapbooking through… series uses lapbooks to document your study of science. Each lapbooking guide contains instructions for a more relaxed approach to homeschool science education based on the Unit Study method suggested in Success in Science: A Manual for Excellence in Science Education by Bradley & Paige Hudson.

Each of our science lapbooks have…

lapbooking through, elemental science

The series as a whole is designed to be a gentle approach to homeschool science education for multiple ages.

Who will benefit from using our Lapbooking through… series?

The teacher and the student who are interested in picking and choosing the topics they study or in reinforcing what their current curriculum is teaching will benefit the most from using these programs. The science lapbooks in this series are designed to be a more topical and focused approach to homeschool science.  They are flexible enough to be used as supplements or as a stand-alone science units, which makes our science lapbooks a good option for review or for teaching science topic by topic.

What does Lapbooking through the Solar System cover?

This versatile science lapbook can be used as a full science unit on the solar system or as supplemental review for your regular science curriculum. It covers the planets in our solar system, asteroids, meteors, comets and more.

science lapbook, solar system, elemental science

Lapbooking through the Solar System includes a reading plan broken up into 11 lessons. The reading assignments are given for two levels, younger students (K-2nd grade) and older students (3rd-5th grade). The guide includes all the templates and pictures you need to complete the lapbook.  Each lesson also includes vocabulary, a list of additional books and coordinating activities.

Will you be releasing more titles in the Lapbooking through… series?

Yes!  Elemental Science will be releasing another lapbook on chemical principles by the fall of this year.  We will continue to add a science lapbook about every three months to the series that will eventually cover the fields of biology, earth science, astronomy, chemistry and physics.

How can I purchase Lapbooking through the Solar System?

Lapbooking through the Solar System is available exclusively through the Elemental Science CurrClick store at this time.  Currently, we have discounted this lapbook by 15% for the month of March! Simply use the discounted link in this article to take advantage of this sale.

by Paige Hudson