Science Experiments for Homeschoolers

Experiments at the Eb Lab | Elemental BloggingI personally believe that incorporating hands-on scientific tests are critical to success in science education. When I say “hands-on scientific tests,” I mean things like:

  • Demonstrations,
  • Experiments,
  • Nature study,
  • And science fair projects.

However, I also understand the love/hate relationship many people have with science experiments. Even I have been know to skip an experiment or two along the way!

One of my goals here at the Eb Lab is the provide you with solutions for your homeschool science problems. So, in the past I have share 5 easy tips for experiment success and I have defined the difference between scientific demonstrations and experiments.

Here are a few more posts I have written on science experiments for homeschoolers:

Habitat vs. Biome featureI also love mixing up experiments and activities for you to use in your homeschool. Almost all of these have free corresponding printables for your students. Check out these science experiments for homeschoolers:

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