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By now you have hopefully figured out that my passion is to equip you with the tips and tools you need to teach science! I share those freely here at the Eb Lab, at the Elemental Science blog, and at the Sassafras Science blog.

I have also co-authored several practical, how-to books for science education. Here’s a bit about them:

Success in Science: A Manual for Science Education lays out a clear road map for what and how to teach science. It includes what your goals are for each stage along with the components that help you to reach those goals. Success in Science is your how-to manual for science education.

The Science Fair Project: A Step-by-Step Guide will walk you step-by-step through completing a science fair project. Each of the eight steps are broken into manageable keys for you to use. There is also a sample project included, so that you can see these keys in action. This book will give you all the tools you need to lead your students through their science fair project from start to finish.

In my spare time, of which there is not much these days, I also write science curriculum.

What began as a labor of love for my own child has developed into a full blown company that provides several different series of science curriculum to meet a variety of homeschoolers’ needs.

You can learn more about the programs of Elemental Science by watching this video below:

Head on over to the Elemental Science website to learn more!

Still here? Then, let me tell you about my favorite things to do. I love to read a good book, don’t you?

I enjoy immersing myself in the story and walking along with the characters.

I have had a dream to create a living books series that would lead students on a journey to learn science. Enter the Sassafras Science Adventures!!

Johnny and I have written a series of novels that will take your students on a fantastical zip line adventure with the Sassafras twins, Blaine and Tracey. Along the way, the twins will meet local experts who will teach them about science.

Watch this video to learn more about the Sassafras Science series:

This living books curriculum is shaking up the typical educational routine and inspiring students to love science! The Sassafras twins have been known to cause students to view science as the best part of their day!

Read the novel alone, or add in the activity guide and logbook for a complete homeschool science curriculum. Go ahead, take your students on a journey with the Sassafras twins to learn science!

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