The Three Keys to Teaching Science {Infograph & Video}

I have been sharing a series over on the Elemental Science blog about the three keys for teaching science. I am sure that you all will find this information helpful as well! So, today I am sharing an infograph summary of the posts along with a free video session about this subject. I trust that you will enjoy these resources and please feel free to leave any questions you have in the … [Read more...]

I want to teach science, but I do not want to do a dissection at home!

One of the reasons I love going to conventions is that I get to connect with other homeschoolers. I get to hear about why you love the idea of teaching science and what your struggles are. I get the chance to encourage you in your homeschooling journey and in turn you all encourage me to keep writing about science. In that spirit, I have been sharing a series that will address some of the … [Read more...]

The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 3: Botany

My newest "baby" was born this Sunday! Announcing - The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 3: Botany! This book is the third volume in the Sassafras Science series and it is all about plants. There is so little on the market for plants compared to animals and the human body. So, I really believe that this book will serve as a resource to many! I couldn't be more excited . . . and more … [Read more...]

Elemental Science in the Co-op Setting ~ Classic Series

As the programs of Elemental Science grows in popularity, we are seeing more and more co-ops using our programs. I wanted to create a resource for co-ops that would help you to plan what to do in-class and what to assign for at-home. I have also included approximate times for you as well to help you gauge how much time to schedule. Here are my suggestions for using our classic series in the … [Read more...]

Earth Science and Astronomy for the Grammar Stage Updates

I am so delighted to be sharing this bit of Elemental Science news with you! The brand new, fully updated version of Earth Science and Astronomy for the Grammar Stage is now available!!! As you know, we have been working hard on updating our grammar stage series of programs. Here is a look at what has been changed. THE UPDATED VERSION IN A NUTSHELL The updated version of Earth Science and … [Read more...]