5 Ways you never thought you could use to study science

When you say the word science, half the population involuntarily shudders at the memory of cracking open their high school chemistry textbooks! People often assume that to teach science effectively, we must have a boring, dry textbook, which is just not true. I have already shared the three keys for teaching science, but today I wanted to share with you all 5 ways you may have never … [Read more...]

Atoms and Isotopes

I have got chemistry on the brain thanks to my latest writing project. There are atoms and isotopes, molecules and compounds all floating around, creating some pretty wild dreams! So, I thought that you all should reap the benefits of my writing process! In today’s post, I am sharing a bit about the history of the atom and its structure, as well as explaining isotopes. I have also added in a … [Read more...]

The Great Lego Balloon Car Race

Every summer we like to add a bit of science every week. We take some extra time on a walk to observe nature. We check out at least one science-related book each week from the library. And take to test out different ideas and projects that caught our eyes throughout the year, but we didn't have time to do. So far, we have found a chrysalis and a black racer snake. We have read tons of Let's … [Read more...]

Why does an experiment fail? (And what to do when it does)

Does it seem that every single experiment you do fails? Are you on the verge of giving up on ever doing experiments ever again? First of all, let me say that you are not alone! Even some of the top scientists in history have repeatedly experienced failure in the lab. Thomas Edison explained it best when he said: "I haven't failed. I've found 10,000 ways that didn't work." Failed … [Read more...]

26 Items you can find in my science supply cabinet

One of my tips in the post 5 tips for experiment success, was to have the supplies for your experiment on hand. I mentioned how I keep a well-stocked science supply cabinet in my house. Today, I wanted to give you all a peek inside of my house by sharing with you guys 26 items, from A to Z, that you can find in my science supply cabinet. This list is in no way exhaustive! For B – I could … [Read more...]

The Three Keys to Teaching Science {Infograph & Video}

I have been sharing a series over on the Elemental Science blog about the three keys for teaching science. I am sure that you all will find this information helpful as well! So, today I am sharing an infograph summary of the posts along with a free video session about this subject. I trust that you will enjoy these resources and please feel free to leave any questions you have in the … [Read more...]