26 Items you can find in my science supply cabinet

26 Items you can find in my science supply cabinetOne of my tips in the post 5 tips for experiment success, was to have the supplies for your experiment on hand. I mentioned how I keep a well-stocked science supply cabinet in my house.

Today, I wanted to give you all a peek inside of my house by sharing with you guys 26 items, from A to Z, that you can find in my science supply cabinet.

This list is in no way exhaustive! For B – I could have put balloons, batteries, beads, borax, and so on. But I figured that would get super boring! Instead, it is just the highlights.

Let’s get to the list!

26 Items you can find in my science supply cabinet

A – Alligator Clips

B – Batteries (AA, AAA, D, and Lantern-size)

C – CD’s

D – Detergent

E – Eyedroppers

F – Food Coloring

G – Gravel

H – Hydrogen Peroxide

I – Iron Filings

J – Jars with Lids

K – Kits of Tools (Flashlight, Gloves, Permanent Marker, Tape, and Tweezers)

L – Liquid Bluing

M – Magnifying Glass

N – Neodymium Magnets

O – Oodles of Balls (Bouncy, Cotton, Foam, Golf, and Ping-pong)

P – Packs of Paper Clips and Pins

Q – Quarters

R – Rubber bands

S – String

T – Toothpicks

U – UV-sensitive Beads

V – Various Types of Salt (Epsom, Rock, and Table)

W – Wire (Aluminum, Copper – Bare and Insulated, and Iron)

X – Extra Thermometers

Y – Yeast

Z – Zillions of Straws

I trust that this list gives you an idea of what you could get to stock your very own science supply kit!

by Paige Hudson


  1. Paige – thank you for this post! I’m constantly wondering how to keep my science ‘corner’ stocked so I have things on hand for impromptu experiments (and planned ones!) I also enjoyed ready 5 tips for Easy Experiments! Tracy