InstaScience is nature study for the digital age!

InstaScience is nature study for the digital age!InstaScience is a weekly series to help you teach science at home in an instant! Think of it as nature study for the digital age.

You can use these ideas for:

  • Short weekly science lessons with your children.
  • Nature study time as part of a Friday Fun Day in your homeschool.
  • Adding interest to your current homeschool science curriculum.

We share a new InstaScience each Friday. Now that these posts are here at the Eb Lab (we used to share them on the Elemental Science website), each article is broken down into four main parts:

  1. The Picture – These are from my own collection. I look for images that are taken around the same time as the post goes live, so you can easily follow along with us!
  2. The Facts – After the picture, you will find several paragraphs about the topic that you can read to your students. This section ends with a fun fact that your kids will enjoy and remember!
  3. The Activities – Next, you will find an activity or two that you can use to create a full afternoon of learning about the subject.
  4. The Links – Finally, you will find several links to websites, articles, and/or videos that you can use to dig deeper into the subject.

So as you can see, you can pause for an instant to learn about a topic or you can dig a little deeper using all three keys for teaching science plus a few extras to learn about the subject.

Either way, the InstaScience series will help you teach science in an instant!

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