Have you seen the amazing work of spiders? {Spider Webs}

I just finished reading Charlotte’s Web to my youngest, and like most children, he was captivated by the spiders incredible spinning skills. Every time we read this classic we become keenly aware of the spiders in our little patch of earth. And that’s how we came to spot this dew-kissed spider web carefully set between two trees in our backyard. Spiders spin their webs in all different kinds of … [Read more...]

Blue Crab {InstaScience}

I grew up right off the Chesapeake Bay. I can remember spending lazy summer days swimming in the tributaries of the bay and catching our dinner of blue crabs off the docks. I learned how to tie up a chicken neck like a champ before I learned how to drive. And I used to be able to pick one of these crustaceans clean in a flat minute. Blue crabs are easily spotted because of their bright blue … [Read more...]

Starfish {InstaScience}

One of my favorite animals in the sea is the starfish - I love the variety and beauty of these amazing creatures! And I feel that beach science month would be incomplete without us chatting about these marine animals. Starfish are also known as sea stars. These marine invertebrates are part of a group known as echinoderms. Echinoderms are animals with spiny skin and sucker feet that all have … [Read more...]

Jellyfish {InstaScience}

When I was a kid my dad sold boats for a living, which meant that we got to spend a fair amount of time during the summer out on the water. By August, the bay was so packed with jellyfish that swimming was like running the gauntlet. It was during those days that I developed a healthy respect for the jellyfish and quickly learned that meat tenderizer does not really help with a jellyfish … [Read more...]