What do you get when Google and Charlotte Mason collide? Digital Nature Study!

OK Google, meet Ms. Charlotte Mason's ideas on learning science through nature. Then, let's modernize them for today's world. And now we have . . . {cue drumroll} . . . digital nature study. Seriously, we live in an age where information is available at the touch of a button. We literally carry mini-computers in our pockets! Our fingertips can find out in seconds what used to take … [Read more...]

The fungus that resembles a vintage shade umbrella – the parasol mushroom

The parasol mushroom looks a bit like a button mushroom when it first pops out from the ground in late summer or early fall, but the cap quickly spreads out to resemble the vintage shade umbrella known as a parasol, and these mushrooms are popping up all over our yard right now! You can listen to this post about the parasol mushroom or keep on reading. Either way, you can download a set of … [Read more...]

It Mimics A Hawk And Serves As A Mascot – The Beautiful Blue Jay

The sound of the blue jay calling takes me back to my grandmother’s backyard. I can remember hearing them cry out a warning as we would run through her grass paths and hide behind the massive live oaks.  These beautiful birds are relatively easy to spot and serve as sever sports team mascots! The blue jay has a range of calls, including one that mimics the call of the red-shouldered hawk! This … [Read more...]

On Look up in the Sky Day, learn about the amazing constellations

What? You have never heard of Look up in the Sky Day? Well, neither had I until I made it a point to learn about strange holidays this year. Apparently Look up in the Sky Day is celebrated every April 14th and we are going to spend a bit of time tonight looking at the constellations. The Big Dipper is hands-down one of the easiest constellations to recognize in the night sky. It’s … [Read more...]

Is nature study enough for homeschool science? Your {not so} definitive answer

I am often asked - is nature study enough for our homeschool science plans or do we need to add more hands-on science? And I typically answer: Yes, nature study is enough. And, no, nature study is not enough. To which I get a confused look as a response! So I'll ask a few follow-up questions: What are your goals for science? How old are your students? These two questions will … [Read more...]

The Iris – A Symbol of Royalty and Subject of Ancient Art

The iris was one of my mom’s favorite flowers and to this day, I can’t see one of these blooms without thinking of her. These showy purple, blue, yellow, orange, or white flowers have served as the symbol of the French monarchy and are named after the Greek goddess who rode the rainbows. The bloom of the iris is typically composed of three upward petals and three downward sepals that look like … [Read more...]