What do you get when Google and Charlotte Mason collide? Digital Nature Study!

OK Google, meet Ms. Charlotte Mason's ideas on learning science through nature. Then, let's modernize them for today's world. And now we have . . . {cue drumroll} . . . digital nature study. Seriously, we live in an age where information is available at the touch of a button. We literally carry mini-computers in our pockets! Our fingertips can find out in seconds what used to take … [Read more...]

Is nature study enough for homeschool science? Your {not so} definitive answer

I am often asked - is nature study enough for our homeschool science plans or do we need to add more hands-on science? And I typically answer: Yes, nature study is enough. And, no, nature study is not enough. To which I get a confused look as a response! So I'll ask a few follow-up questions: What are your goals for science? How old are your students? These two questions will … [Read more...]

3 Simple ways to include nature study into your week

Now that you understand the differences between formal nature study and informal nature study. But a question still lingers – how do you include nature study into your week? Is it the centerpiece? Or just an afterthought? By now, you know that I feel nature study is a beneficial way to learn about science. It can be an especially helpful tool when you are studying biology and earth … [Read more...]

Impromptu Nature Study

In our neck of the woods, the weather is finally turning more spring-like, so we have been spending quite a bit more time outdoors. This has provided us with several opportunities for impromptu nature study. This type of nature study is all about taking advantage of the opportunities to study science outdoors as they present themselves. What does Impromptu Nature Study Look Like? The other … [Read more...]

What Is Nature Study?

Nature study is a style of educating that searches for the principles of science in nature. It became a popular educational movement in the early 20th century and it is currently regaining popularity once again among homeschoolers. Anna Botsford Comstock, one of the pioneers of the movement, shares the following about nature study in her book: “Nature study cultivates the child’s … [Read more...]

Warning! Mini-seed bombs are heading your way! {Nuts}

Listen to this InstaScience nature study: It’s that time of year again - the time when you are afraid to walk under any type of tree that has nuts! Gravity doesn’t help the situation, but the squirrels assist the situation by hurling nuts towards the ground at lightning speeds in an effort to break their tough exteriors and enjoy the yummy goodness inside. True nuts are dried fruits with … [Read more...]