Science Fair Projects

Tons of resources for the science fair project.Ahh…science fair projects – those words are almost guaranteed to strike fear in the heart someone, somewhere.

I’m here to help dispel those fears. And to give you the tools you need to guide your students through this assignment without a whole bunch of tears.

I do believe that science fair projects are one of those tasks that you should not skip, just because you homeschool. These projects are excellent tools to familiarize your students with the scientific method. If you want to learn more about this key concept, check out these posts:

We have completed science fair projects every year, beginning in 5th grade. You can read about our experience right here on the Eb blog.

I have also mixed up a series, which is the solution to your “how the heck do we do a science fair project” problem. Check it out here:

If you don’t want to click through post after post, head on over and purchase my book The Science Fair Project: A Step by Step Guide, which walks you through each step including a sample project and student pages for you to use.

You can just watch this free thirty minute webinar I gave on science fair projects:

Oh, one more thing before you go – don’t miss my Pinterest board, which contains loads of ideas for science fair projects!
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