The Stinkhorn – A Mushroom Only A Mother Could Love

It “hatches.” It smells like death. Some have a questionable shape. What’s not to love about stinkhorn mushrooms? Stinkhorn mushrooms like to grow on rotting organic matter, so you typically find them in your mulch beds. But don’t worry, if you don’t want these stinky ‘shrooms showing up in your flower bed, you can replace… Continue reading The Stinkhorn – A Mushroom Only A Mother Could Love

See a Beautiful Holiday Nature Spotlight {Christmas Lichen}

The first time I saw Christmas lichen I was stunned. This dinner-plate-like lichen is festively colored and perfect to learn about during December, even though it only grows in along the Gulf Coast and coastal plains. The Christmas lichen is a brightly colored example of a crustose lichen. These types of lichens are often round,… Continue reading See a Beautiful Holiday Nature Spotlight {Christmas Lichen}

Turkey Tail {InstaScience}

I’ll be honest, I know what shelf fungus is, but until we starting doing nature study in our our homeschool, I never really considered that there were different types of shelf fungus. Oh sure, I had noticed differences, but we never really thought to find out why. You may feel the same way and it’s… Continue reading Turkey Tail {InstaScience}

Lichens {InstaScience}

Lichens are found throughout the world, growing on tree trunks and rocks. Lichens can be found in some of the harshest environments, such as the arctic tundra, which makes them great subjects for winter science! Lichens are the result of a symbiotic, or mutually beneficial, partnership between a fungus and an alga plant or a… Continue reading Lichens {InstaScience}