Streams {InstaScience}

Whether you stumble upon a babbling brook or a swift-moving stream as you hike through the woods, both will invariable cause you to pause and stare for a moment. Streams are beautiful to look at, but they are also an important part of the forest habitat. Streams provide a water source and a home for the animals found in the region. But these swift-moving threads of water also serve to move … [Read more...]

Ocean Waves {InstaScience}

There are very few things as peaceful as the sound of the ocean waves as they gently crest onto shore. It is a sound you can count on hearing every time you set foot in the beach. But what causes this to happen? Waves are the result of energy moving through the water. And there are two main causes for the waves we find on the beach. First as the wind moves over the surface of the water it … [Read more...]