Pumpkins {InstaScience}

When one thinks of fall, we almost immediately envision pumpkins! Big, fat, orange pumpkins. But there are lots of different varieties of pumpkins – some are big and orange, some are brownish with long necks, and some are blue! Inside, pumpkins all have a yellowish-orange flesh. Did you know that pumpkins are fruits? And that pumpkins are most closely related to cucumbers, squashes, and … [Read more...]

Double Cherries {InstaScience}

We love fresh cherries in our house - a bag of them does not last very long between the four of us. But a recent chance pull of some double cherries led us to set down the bag and learn some science instead! We guessed that these double wonders were products of a seed split or maybe some genetic mutation. So, we weren't so keen to actually eat them. But after a bit of research, we learned … [Read more...]