Danger! Learn About the Attractive Beauty of Fire {Chemistry in Nature}

As the weather turns cooler, the idea of cozying up around a fire seems more appealing. But did you know that fire is the result of a chemical reaction that releases light and heat? For this reaction to occur, it requires oxygen, heat, and a fuel source, like wood, oil, or coal. The oxygen combusts, or burns up, the fuel source creating water, carbon dioxide, heat, and light. This reaction is … [Read more...]

Atoms and Isotopes

I have got chemistry on the brain thanks to my latest writing project. There are atoms and isotopes, molecules and compounds all floating around, creating some pretty wild dreams! So, I thought that you all should reap the benefits of my writing process! In today’s post, I am sharing a bit about the history of the atom and its structure, as well as explaining isotopes. I have also added in a … [Read more...]

T-Shirt Chromatography

One of the few experiments I remember doing in high school was t-shirt chromatography. I can still picture the coffee cans and sharpies all lined up and ready to go in my mind. We spend the whole class period making the shirts and I wore mine until it faded and basically fell apart. So today, I’m going to do you a favor. I’m going to share just how to do this activity with your … [Read more...]

New Release: Chemistry for the Logic Stage!

Announcing the official release of our newest title — Chemistry for the Logic Stage! Chemistry for the Logic Stage is a 36 week classical science curriculum designed for studying the principles of chemistry. It leads students through a study of the periodic table, matter, solutions, chemical reactions and more. Each week there is a topic to be studied, along with dates to enter, what to label on … [Read more...]

Science Corner: The Element and Atom

What is an element? What is an atom? How do an element and atom differ? Today I'm getting a bit technical as I share about these two essential concepts in chemistry. The Element: Elements are a substances made up of one type of atom that cannot be broken down by chemical reaction to form a simpler substance. In other words, they are a type of matter which cannot be broken down into two or … [Read more...]

Science Corner: The Periodic Table

The periodic table visually shows the elements that make up everything we see around us. It is a key concept in chemistry which needs to be taught to our students. I prefer to introduce the idea of the periodic table in the elementary years. Then, teach the relationships and categories of the periodic table during the middle school years. That way, the students go into high school chemistry … [Read more...]