New Release: Chemistry for the Logic Stage!

Announcing the official release of our newest title — Chemistry for the Logic Stage!

Chemistry for the Logic Stage by Elemental ScienceChemistry for the Logic Stage is a 36 week classical science curriculum designed for studying the principles of chemistry. It leads students through a study of the periodic table, matter, solutions, chemical reactions and more. Each week there is a topic to be studied, along with dates to enter, what to label on the sketch, experiment directions, report options and memory work. The teacher’s guide also provides two optional schedules, tips on how to lead your student through the program, comprehension questions, answers for the student’s work, and unit tests for you to use.

(Ages: 7th through 8th grade)

 Key Features

Each of our Classic Series logic stage programs focus on an area of science that is studied through:

  • weekly experiments which drive what the student is learning (the student guide includes customized experiment sheets for each week);
  • visually appealing encyclopedias for the reading assignments;
  • discussion questions which you can use for your discussion time;
  • pre-drawn and unlabeled sketches for your student;
  • information and sheets for completing a Science Fair Project;
  • vocabulary for each unit along with a glossary in the student guide;
  • student assignment sheets in both the teacher’s and student’s guide to help you foster independence in your student.

The teacher’s guide includes answers for the student’s work along optional activities to enhance your studies.  It also includes a 2 day week and 5 day week schedule, so you can assist your student as they plan out their week for science.

Watch Elemental Science’s classic series video to learn more about the features of Chemistry for the Logic Stage or view the sample of this program.

Product Information

Chemistry for the Logic Stage is offered in two different formats.

eBook Combo ($25.50)

  • pdf file (black & white)
  • 8.5 by 11 inches
  • 546 pages
  • Includes: The files for the Teacher Guide, Student Guide and full color Student Guide Cover

Printed Combo ($40.99) *printed books will begin shipping on August 19, 2013

  • 2 perfect bound books with black & white interiors
  • 8 by 10 inches
  • Teacher’s Guide: 276 pages, Student Guide: 270 pages

Additional Required Books

You will need to purchase or check out from your library the following books to complete the program.

  • DK’s Encyclopedia of Science 
  • Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia (optional)
  • The Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Science (optional)
  • DK’s Eyewitness Chemistry (optional)

If you have a question about Chemistry for the Logic Stage or any of our other programs, please feel free to leave it in the comments!

by Paige Hudson