Elemental Science’s Product of the Month: Success in Science

Discover your road map for teaching science in Success in Science!Welcome to the first Product of the Month by Elemental Science!  I thought that we should start with the book that contains our theories for science education as it is the foundation for all our programs.

So, this month we will be featuring our new theory book Success in Science: A Manual for Excellence in Science Education along with a free checklist for you to use with the book.  You can read an excerpt from the book here.

Success in Science

What are the key features of the book?

Success in Science: A Manual for Excellence in Science Education lays out our science education philosophy in an extremely practical manner.  The book…

  • thoroughly explains the most important concept in science, the scientific method.
  • explains what science education for each age group should contain, including your goals for each stage.
  • gives several methods for each age group that you can use to incorporate the various components into your science education plan.
  • shares the research that supports the ideas laid out in it.
  • includes several articles on key concepts, such as notebooking and nature study, in the Appendix.

Success in Science also includes lists of the important facts that you need to cover with each age group.  I have created a set of checklists which correspond to the information given in the book for you, which you can download for free when you purchase the book from our store.

Who will benefit from reading Success in Science?

The teacher will gain the most benefit from reading Success in Science.  This book will give you the big picture for science education with your student along with your goals for each age group.  It will help you to know what to look for when selecting a science curriculum or what to focus on when designing your own curriculum.  The book is very practical and it will give you the confidence you need to teach science in your homeschool.

How can I purchase Success in Science?

You can purchase this book from Elemental Science’s website or from Amazon.  If you order from our website, media mail shipping to the continental US is included in the price.

Will Elemental Science be releasing any more teacher-help books?

Yes!  There are some ideas and concepts that we introduced in Success in Science that we would like to develop further, making it even easier for you to incorporate them into your homeschool.  We are currently work on a book entitled, The Science Fair Project: A Step by Step Guide, which will give you step by step instructions for completing a science fair project and presentation along with sheets for the student to use.  Look for more information on this book in the coming months!

by Paige Hudson