A Day in the Life of…

Welcome to the fourth installment of the “Not” Back to School Blog Hop!  If you haven’t been to this blog before, let me begin by saying…

Hi, I’m Paige and welcome to my corner of cyberspace!  Be sure to check out Elemental Blogging’s bi-weekly Science Corner posts to grab some useful tips and tools to help you with science education this year.

This week we get to share what a day in our life looks like.  The thing is that not all my days are all that routine, because I have a toddler and home-based business.  Both of which tend demand my immediate attention on occasion without regard to my desired routine for the day.  However I do have an ideal day (along with the reality), which I will share below…

6 am: Wake up, exercise, read the Bible, plan out my day, drink some coffee and begin to answer emails. (Reality: I hit the snooze button.)

7am: I continue to answer emails and work on writing. (Reality: Little man jolted me up from slumber.  He needed to go potty and had to have his milk cup immediately.  I put on Curious George in an attempt to salvage my morning work time.)

8am: The children wake up on their own, get dressed, make their beds, princess reads her Bible assignment and they both meet me at the table for breakfast. (Reality: I dragged princess out of bed and we all sat down to breakfast in our pj’s, with the beds unmade.)

9am-12noon: We work on school.  I get princess started and while she works independently, little man and I work on a few things as well as clean up the house. (Reality: I got the dishes to the sink.  Little man and I read one book  together before he went off to play on his own because Princess needed more help than I thought.  I was still in my pj’s.)

12noon-1pm: Hubby comes home and we eat lunch together.  (Reality: I scrambled to clean up the toys and get dressed while making lunch before hubby got home.  It didn’t work.  Hubby got home and helped me get lunch on the table.)

1pm-4pm: Rest time.  Little man takes a nap, princess reads and I write. (Reality: Little man insisted on having a chunk of my hair to fall asleep with and once I was released, princess and I had to finish up school together.  Then I squeezed in a bit of work, sort of.)

4pm-6pm: Free time.  Little man and princess play nicely together while I tidy up the house and begin making dinner.  (Reality: I tried to finish what I was working on while princess & little man fought played.  I ended up turning on the tv for the kids while I headed to the kitchen to try and figure out something for dinner.)

6pm-7pm: We eat dinner together and talk about the day.  (Reality: This really happened!)

7pm:  We go for a walk as a family and begin to get ready for bed.  (Reality: It rained, the kids ran around the house before I eventually corral them for a bath and a shower-separately.)

8pm: We read several books together, pray and little man goes to bed.  Princess and I read her read-aloud book together before she goes to bed.  (Reality: We read & prayed together, but little man refused to go to bed before princess.)

9pm: Lights out for the kiddos. I catch up on blogs/facebook, watch a bit of tv and go to bed by 10pm.  (Reality: Princess stayed up reading until I caught her around 10:30 and told her to go to bed.  I stayed up way to late watching Lie to Me on Netflix.)

Well, that’s what a day looks like in our world, looking forward to reading about yours!

by Paige Hudson



  1. Sounds like a productive day even if it didn’t go strictly by the schedule. I have a 10 yr old daughter that has to be dragged from her bed too. Actually, your day sounds a lot like ours, minus the toddler.

  2. I like your humorous style! I’m not alone to put the dishes into the sink! Yes!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your day. We’re unschoolers in Australia and love hearing about other homeschoolers’ lives and meeting them as we travel!

  4. I love how you showed the contrast between the dream and the reality! Very funny!