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Acorns are the seeds of oak trees but it takes a really long time for an oak tree to start producing them. Learn how long in this article!

I love acorns! And my absolute favorite is this one from the Burr Oak tree. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Acorns are the seeds of oak trees. Each one has a cap, which is attached to the tree, a hard shell, which protect the seed inside when it falls from the tree. And the seed, which will develop into a new oak tree the next year that is if the blue jays, chipmunks, and squirrels don’t eat first!

Oak trees do not start producing acorns until they are around 25 years old and each variety has its own acorn. The Burr Oak has a hairy acorn that is the largest in North America. The white oak has a rounded acorn and the black oak has an egg-shaped acorn.

Fun Fact – Squirrels have been known to chuck acorns from high up in the tree to crack the tough outer shell – so watch out!

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