Science Corner: All About Experiment Variables

There are three main types of experiment variables that our students must be aware of, especially when approaching the science fair project.  They are the independent variable, the dependent variable and the controlled variable. In today's science corner we are going to look closer at each of these variables. The Independent Experiment Variables The independent experiment variable is the … [Read more...]

Science Corner: A Hot Yeast Experiment

Yeasts and bacteria come in all shapes and sizes.  They also have an optimal temperature range at which they can grow and reproduce.  Most yeasts and bacteria cannot multiply at very high or very low temperatures, but there are exceptions. In this weeks Science Corner we are going to test how sensitive yeast is to temperature. A Hot Yeast Experiment You will need 3 clear bottles or glasses, 3 … [Read more...]

Science Corner: Sending a Secret Message

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought it was a perfect time to share with you an experiment that you can use to send secret messages to your loved one ;).  This experiment is probably familiar to most of you, but the science behind it is probably not. Sending a Secret Messages This is one of my daughter's favorite things to do.  There's nothing like getting a blank piece of … [Read more...]

Science Corner: Kitchen Acid Test

Acid test are always fun because of the color changes.  In addition, it's a great way to show your kids that science is all around us, even in the kitchen! Kitchen Acid Test: For this experiment you will need to make your own indicator, which will need to cool before you can use it.  You will need a head a red cabbage and a variety of foods from your kitchen to test, such as lemon juice, … [Read more...]

More Winter Science Fun – Salt vs. Snow

Winter is a great time to explore the principles of chemistry through experimentation.  In other words, winter provides an awesome opportunity for some hands-on winter science fun!  Last month I share an experiment about snowflake crystals.  This month I'm sharing with you an experiment that is very cool :). Which one freezes first? In this experiment, you students will learn about the … [Read more...]

Winter Science Fun – Borax Snowflakes

Winter is a perfect opportunity to have some chilly science fun! The frosty weather provides several unique chances to discover the principles of chemistry through hands-on activities. Here is one idea to add some winter science fun into your homeschool! How to make Snowflakes Crystals In this experiment, the students will learn about crystallization. You will need: String A wide mouthed … [Read more...]