The Science Fair Project ~ Steps 3 & 4

Yesterday we looked at steps one and two of the science fair project. In today's post, we are going to look closer at step three, in which the students formulate their hypothesis, and step four, where the students design their experiment. Step 3: Formulate a Hypothesis The third step of the science fair project is to formulate a hypothesis. This phase is patterned after step three of the … [Read more...]

The Science Fair Project ~ Steps 1 & 2

Last week I shared why it is so important for us, as homeschoolers, to do a science fair project. This week, I want to kick of a week long series that will take a brief look at the steps of the science fair project.  My hope is that by the end of the week you will have a better idea of how to guide your student through this process. Let's begin with a look at Step 1: Choose a Topic and Step 2: … [Read more...]

Why Should I do a Science Fair Project?

As homeschoolers we tend to skip over the science fair project because it appears daunting, but it is an excellent tool for giving our students hands-on experience with the scientific method. Why should I do a Science Fair Project? I have learned through my teaching and research experience that to truly understand science, one must be familiar with this fundamental process. All students need … [Read more...]