How to write a science fair abstract in 3 easy steps

You have worked for over a month researching, developing, and performing your science fair project. Your board is all ready to go. Your talk is prepared. But as you look at the science fair requirements you read the following: Your entry information should include your name and age along with the title of your project and an abstract limited to a maximum of 250 words. 250 words! How … [Read more...]

The Science Fair Project ~ Our Experience

I consider the science fair project to be an essential component of a middle school student's science education. It's an excellent opportunity for these students to practice the scientific method from start to finish. So now that our daughter has hit the middle school years, we finally get to really dig into a  science fair project. This year, we decided to also have her participate in a … [Read more...]

Science Corner: All About Experiment Variables

There are three main types of experiment variables that our students must be aware of, especially when approaching the science fair project.  They are the independent variable, the dependent variable and the controlled variable. In today's science corner we are going to look closer at each of these variables. The Independent Experiment Variables The independent experiment variable is the … [Read more...]

Guest Post ~ Planning a Homeschool Science Fair

From Paige: I'm so excited to welcome Marci from the Homeschool Scientist for today's post. She has a fabulous homeschool science blog that you don't want to miss!  So, you want to start a homeschool science fair in your community, but don’t know where to start? I have some helpful tips for you as you start planning. First, start testing the waters. Ask your home educating friends if they … [Read more...]

The Science Fair Project ~ Steps 7 & 8

Yesterday we looked at steps five & six of the science fair project. In today's post, we are going to look closer at step seven, in which the students create their project board, and step eight, where the students will present their project. Step 7: Create a Board The seventh step of the science fair project is to create a board.  This phase is not patterned after any step of the … [Read more...]