Deck The Halls As You Put The Spotlight On The Beautiful Holly

Holly adds lots of Christmas color to this time of year, which makes it a perfect subject to look at during the winter months. Click to learn about hollies!

Holly adds lots of Christmas color and cheer to this time of year, which makes it a perfect subject to look at during the winter months. We are lucky enough to have a holly in our front yard, so we spent a few moments outside studying this plant before we ran back inside to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa!

Most hollies are evergreens, so they keep their leaves throughout the winter months. Their foliage is easily identified because of their dark green and glossy color, although some varieties have a touch of white. The holly leaf also typically has at least one spine, but can have up to fifteen!

Holly blooms in May or in June. Once pollinated, the female holly plant will form tiny ball-shaped fruits that mature around October. These berries are commonly thought of as red, but they can also be orange, white, or blue! Although the holly fruit is an important source of nutrients for birds during the winter months, it is inedible for humans.

Hollies are typically trimmed into bushes or hedges, but these plants can grow into trees that are forty to fifty feet in height!

Fun Fact – The holly bush was first used as a winter decoration by the Celts who used it to decorate their homes when celebrating the Yule festivities.

Teaching Science At Home

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  • Identify your Hollies – Head outside to find a few different types of hollies. Have the students make several observations as they record the number of spines on the leaf and the color of the berries. Then using an app like VTreeID or a field guide, using their observations to determine the species of holly you have found.
  • Holly Ornament – Use the directions from making your own DIY ornaments to make an ornament featuring the holly bush for your tree!