Lamb’s Ear {InstaScience}

Lamb’s Ears, also known as ‘lamb’s tongue’ and ‘woolly woundwort,’ is a fuzzy, ornamental plant. Come learn about this soft, velvety plant in an instant!

Have you seen those soft, velvety and silvery grey-green plants in your next-door neighbor’s garden? Those low-growing, soft textured leaves belong to the ornamental plant, known as the Lamb’s ear.

The scientific name of lamb’s ears plant is Stachys byzantina and is a native to Turkey, Iran and Armenia in Europe.  The plant can best be described as “fuzzy” or “velvety” and the leaves are shaped like the ear of a lamb, hence the common name.  Lamb’s ears plant is also known as ‘lamb’s tongue’ and ‘woolly woundwort’.

Lamb’s ears plant does produce pink or light purple flowers on tall spikes that reach up to a foot and a half. These flowers typically bloom during spring or summer, but the foliage stays its silver-green color throughout the winter.

The Lamb’s Ears plant can’t stand with excessive water and they easily get rot if they get too wet.  The plant has the habit of spreading especially when the soil is ideal for growing.

Fun Fact

Lamb’s ear can treat wounds, can be used as dressing, and has been used as a poultice and has analgesic properties.

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