See a Beautiful Holiday Nature Spotlight {Christmas Lichen}

The first time I saw Christmas lichen I was stunned. This dinner-plate-like lichen is festively colored and perfect to learn about during December, even though it only grows in along the Gulf Coast and coastal plains. The Christmas lichen is a brightly colored example of a crustose lichen. These types of lichens are often round, flat, and somewhat crusty. Crustose lichens typically grow on tree … [Read more...]

When is the last time you made an indoor snowman?

Things Only Homeschoolers Say: Indoor Snowman Edition {Conversation overheard in one homeschooler's house as husband gets home from work.} Homeschool Mom {HM}: Hi, honey, how was your day? Husband {Hub}: Hello to you, too, and it was the same as usual. How was your day? HM: Same as usual with one exception - we made a snowman today at the kitchen table, which was amazing until it … [Read more...]

Danger! Learn About the Attractive Beauty of Fire {Chemistry in Nature}

As the weather turns cooler, the idea of cozying up around a fire seems more appealing. But did you know that fire is the result of a chemical reaction that releases light and heat? For this reaction to occur, it requires oxygen, heat, and a fuel source, like wood, oil, or coal. The oxygen combusts, or burns up, the fuel source creating water, carbon dioxide, heat, and light. This reaction is … [Read more...]

What’s on your Christmas Wish list?

Things Only Homeschoolers Say - Christmas Wish List Edition "Wait, let me pull out my homeschooling wish list - it has what the kids really want for Christmas." See more things only homeschoolers say or laugh along with our homeschool funnies! … [Read more...]

How will your kids impress the relatives at Thanksgiving dinner?

Things only Homeschoolers Say – Thanksgiving Dinner Edition "Before we begin our Thanksgiving meal, Johnny is going to recite the entire Mayflower Compact." See more things only homeschoolers say or laugh along with our homeschool funnies! … [Read more...]

My Favorite Rock in The World {Petrified Wood}

Petrified wood has always fascinated me. It was a dream of mine to see this rock in person for a long time - one that I finally got to fulfill several years ago during an epic road trip out west. Petrified wood is a perfect example of a replacement fossil, which is  a replica of something that was once alive, such as trees or sea creatures. The fossil forms when the living thing is trapped and … [Read more...]