Science Corner: Using a Microscope for Homeschool Science

Two weeks ago I shared about how to choose a microscope for homeschool use. Today, I want to give you few ideas for using your new microscope for homeschool science. Mounting Samples on a Slide There are many different ways that a sample can be mounted on a slide. The type of mounting you use will depend upon the equipment you have and the way the slide will be used. The typical homeschooler … [Read more...]

Science Corner: Choosing a Microscope for Homeschool Use

Looking through a microscope opens the doors to a normally invisible world for our students. Using one will help them to appreciate how complex life really is. However, choosing a microscope for homeschool use can be a bit daunting. In this Science Corner, I'm sharing information on how to choose a microscope for homeschool science!   What should I look for? When purchasing a … [Read more...]

Observation Is Key

Observation is a key ability for all scientists to possess, but what exactly is observation? Webster's says: Observation — an act or instance of noticing or perceiving, an act or instance of regarding attentively or watching. Simply put, observation is taking the time to look at the things going on around you.  It's intentionally watching what is happening right in front of you. The … [Read more...]

But I don’t have the experiment supplies…

I know that I'm not the one this happens to. I forget to look ahead in my plans and as a result I don't have all the experiment supplies I need on hand for the scientific test we are scheduled to do. So do we ditch the experiment all together? Is the only choice to push it back till another week that, let's face it, will probably never come? Heaven's no! What to do when you don't have … [Read more...]

Dry Ice Exploration (FREE Printable Included!)

Dry ice is one of those materials that can induce hours of science fun for your students. It appears to boil in room temperature water, sending out billows of white, wispy smoke. In today's Science Corner, I'm sharing a few activities that you can use to explore the science surrounding this amazing material. The Science of Dry Ice Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, the same chemical that can … [Read more...]

Science Corner: All About Experiment Variables

There are three main types of experiment variables that our students must be aware of, especially when approaching the science fair project.  They are the independent variable, the dependent variable and the controlled variable. In today's science corner we are going to look closer at each of these variables. The Independent Experiment Variables The independent experiment variable is the … [Read more...]