The Scientific Method through the Ages

As you all know by now, I feel that the scientific method is one of the foundational tools of science. I believe that no high school student should graduate without a firm grasp of this concept and that simply memorizing the steps is not enough. Students need to have used the aspects of the technique over and over until it becomes a natural habit. The goal is to have them fully etch this … [Read more...]

Science Corner: The Importance of the Scientific Method

Using the scientific method regularly will teach the student to look at all the evidence before making a statement of fact, which makes it an integral part of science education. If we want our students to be prepared for higher education science, they must be comfortable with this most fundamental process. What is the scientific method? In a nutshell, the scientific method teaches the brain to … [Read more...]

What is the Scientific Method?

So what is the scientific method? Well in a nutshell, the scientific method trains the brain to examine and observe before making a statement of fact.   It is the main method scientists use when asking and answering questions.  And using the scientific method will teach your students to look at all the evidence before making a factual statement. In today's science corner, I wanted to explain … [Read more...]