Homeschool Science Corner ~ 3 Types of Fossils

types of fossils feature

This week’s homeschool science corner is all about the three main types of fossils. Scientists categorize fossils into three main groups –  impression fossils, trace fossils, and replacement fossils. Amber is also often looked at as a fourth type of fossil. Although a chunk of amber can contain insects that were trapped in resin long ago, technically {Continue your Research}

Top 4 Classical Education Blogs

Top 4 Classical blogs feature

I am a big fan of classical education, after all it is the method we use in our own homeschool. I also enjoy reading homeschool blogs because like you, I am inspired by what others are doing in the homeschooling world. So today, I wanted to share with you all four of the blogs I {Continue your Research}

Homeschool Science Corner ~ Glacier Study

Glacier feature

It is the middle of summer and you are no doubt dying for a respite from the heat. To help you out today I am sharing a cool topic – a glacier study. These amazing frozen rivers are rare to find in your backyard, but that doesn’t mean you should share them with your students. {Continue your Research}

US State Study for Homeschoolers

US State Study feature

A couple of years ago I shared how we did a US state study in our homeschool. I wanted to revisited that post, clean it up, and share it with you guys once more! There’s a lot of golden nuggets in it that will hopefully it will help those of you who are planning for this {Continue your Research}

How to Skip an Experiment

How to skip an experiment...and still learn | Elemental Blogging

So, you are staring at this week’s experiment and you realize that you don’t have the materials you need. Your week is jam-packed. You can’t make it to the store. You have no substitute materials. You can’t swap out the experiment because you don’t have the materials for the only other one that will work. {Continue your Research}