I want to teach science, but textbooks put me to sleep!

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So, you want to teach science at home. You jumped over the hurdles of doing dissections and experiments in your house. But when you think back to the textbooks you read, a yawn unwittingly escapes from your mouth. A phrase quietly ushers from your lips, “I want to teach science, but textbooks put me to […]

26 Items you can find in my science supply cabinet

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One of my tips in the post 5 tips for experiment success, was to have the supplies for your experiment on hand. I mentioned how I keep a well-stocked science supply cabinet in my house. Today, I wanted to give you all a peek inside of my house by sharing with you guys 26 items, […]

The Three Keys to Teaching Science {Infograph & Video}

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I have been sharing a series over on the Elemental Science blog about the three keys for teaching science. I am sure that you all will find this information helpful as well! So, today I am sharing an infograph summary of the posts along with a free video session about this subject. I trust that […]