Elemental Science’s Biology for the Logic Stage: Day 3 & 4

BLS week with day 3I have already shared with you all our day 1 & 2 from Week 13 of Biology for the Logic Stage.  Now I’m back to share with you all our routine from the next two days.

On day three and four we typically do the vocabulary words, sketch work, and further reading assignments.

A Week with Biology for the Logic Stage: Day 3 & 4

Here’s what that looked like for us on week 13.

Day 3: Vocab and Sketches

We began day 3 with a check of her experiment.  Since my daughter wanted to see a lot of crystals, she decided to go ahead and add the ammonia.  Then I sent my daughter off to do her vocabulary and sketch work.  She looked up her definitions in the back of the student guide and copied them onto her vocabulary sheet.  Then she used the information on the Student Assignment Sheet and in the Encyclopedia of Nature to complete the sketch assignment.

Biology for the Logic Stage Completed Sketch

Day 4: Report

On day 4 my daughter read pages 72-73 on the coral reef from the DK Encyclopedia of Nature.  We’ve been working on writing short reports, so I wanted to take the opportunity to see what she would do.  So after she finished reading the spread I asked her to write me a brief report.  I told her to sum the coral reef up in one sentence, then write 3-4 sentences which share some interesting facts about the coral reef and conclude her report with why she liked the coral reef.  Here’s what she wrote (along with her artwork)…Biology for the Logic Stage Report

A coral reef is a place where animals can live in the ocean. Coral reef’s that form at the base of volcanoes are called coral atolls.  There are different coral for different fish that live in a coral reef.  A barrier reef is found along the coast and they have deep lagoons.  One of the types of coral is brain coral.  One of the fish found in the coral reef is the Weedy Sea Dragon.  I like coral reefs because they help little fish survive in the ocean.

We still have some work to do on report writing, but I’m relatively pleased with what she came up with.  After that, we checked her crystal experiment, which had really bloomed overnight!

Biology for the Logic Stage Coral Experiment

We then talked about why the crystals formed and how that relates to the way a coral’s hard exoskeleton forms.  Here is what she wrote on her experiment sheet for her conclusion…

Crystals form from dissolved minerals in water.  Coral grows its hard shell from dissolved minerals in the ocean.

Well, that’s what we accomplished on day 3 and 4 of week 13. I’ll be wrapping up this series with a special offer tomorrow!

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