A Day in the Life of…

A Day in the Life of... | Elemental BloggingI have shared several of these posts in the past and it has been fun for me to look back at them. I love to see how things have changed and to relive the memories. If you want to see what our days have looking like in the past, check them out here:

Now that the trip down memory lane is over, here is a look at what a current day in my life looks like – well, at least most of the time…

A Day in the Life of…

5:45 – Woke up and kicked myself for having a cup of coffee past noon – caffeine stays with me a loooong time. Rolled over, picked up the phone, and checked email. {Yes I do that first.} Then, I opened up the Bible app and read from my daily plan.

6:00 am – Grabbed the computer, checked Facebook, responded to questions and emails, and then went through what I needed to do for the day before finally getting out of the bed for the first time.

6:15 am – Kissed hubby good-bye, then back to the room with the computer companion. Started to work on my current project.

8:15 am – Looked up and see my little guy doing the pee-pee dance. Got up to take him to the bathroom – for some reason he won’t go into the bathroom on his own lately. You can leave him there and he’ll do his business on his own, but he doesn’t want to walk through the door without someone. We went back to the room – he watched TV while I returned to work.

9:00 am – Closed the computer, woke up the older one, and headed into the kitchen to make breakfast, which began with making my coffee!

9:30 am – Started school, first up is the little guy. We do school on the carpet as it helps him focus better. Mostly we read, played games, colored, and cut things up :-).

10:15 am – Had the morning meeting time with the older one. We checked the previous day’s assignments, went over the concepts she needs to know (i.e. math, spelling, and Spanish), and then I assigned what she had to do for that day.

11:30 am – Looked down and realized I was still in my bed clothes – oops. Showered and changed while the little dude played with puzzles and the older one worked on school.

12:00 noon – Fixed lunch of assembly line sandwiches (a.k.a. ham and cheese – all the same). Headed over to the Elemental Science office to meet the hubster.

12:30 pm – Arrived at the office, ate lunch, and then packed up books.

1:30 pm – Made a run to the FedEx office and post office to drop off packages because we had too much and we weren’t completely ready for the guy when he came to the office. Headed home afterwards and let the kids run around outside while I answered email, checked Facebook/Google +, and pinned a few pins on the phone.

2:30 pm – Headed back inside and cuddled up once more to the computer – it’s my best friend – next to my phone…sigh…the realities of owning an eBusiness. Worked on some graphics that I needed and then on the same project from the morning. Little dude watched TV while his big sis finished up her school work, and then they played with the Legos together.

4:30 pm – Closed the computer and realized the house was a disaster. Got the kids to help clean up.

5:30 pm – Headed into the kitchen to cook dinner. Cooking is therapeutic to me, so it can be an involved process. Tonight hubby helped. He made his famous fish tacos and I made peach salsa and guacamole to go along with them. Super yum!

6:45 pm – We all head outside for a long walk.

8:00 pm – Got home, gave little dude a bath, read him a story, and put him to bed.

9:00 pm – Opened up the computer to do “one more really quick thing”.

10:00 pm – Realized what time it was, closed the computer, told our daughter to go bed, and watched some TV with hubby.

11:00 pm – Fell asleep – finally.

Well that’s what a day looks like for me!

by Paige Hudson


  1. Charlotte Thien says:

    Fascinating, but now I’m exhausted ,just reading all you do ! Wow !