You might be a homeschool scientist if . . .

I love science and we homeschool, so I like to consider myself a homeschool scientist. As we step into the new year, I thought that I would share with you twenty ways you can use to determine whether or not you are a homeschool scientist. These may or may not have come from real life experiences, but I will not admit to any specifics. So, here we go! You might be a homeschool scientist … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to make time for science

Science is awesome! It is passion of mine which has easily spilled over to my kids. I understand, though, that not everyone shares my passion for science. In fact, it is usually one of the subjects that is passed over in favor of the 3 R’s during the elementary years. I’m here to say that science education in the elementary years is beneficial in so many ways! I know that it takes a bit of … [Read more...]

3 Pieces of advice for your homeschooling journey

I have been homeschooling for over nine years now. My daughter is wrapping up her middle school years and very quickly heading toward high school. It is a bittersweet time as I watch my little girl grow up and realize that I will probably be the shortest one in the family! The thing is – I get to start the whole homeschooling journey over again. My kids are eight years apart. It is not … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of…

I have shared several of these posts in the past and it has been fun for me to look back at them. I love to see how things have changed and to relive the memories. If you want to see what our days have looking like in the past, check them out here: A Day in the Life of... (2011 - with a 4th grader and a 1 yo) A Day in the Life of... (2012 - with a 5th grader and a 2 yo) A Day in the Life … [Read more...]

9/11 I remember…

This post is a bit of a departure from my normal homeschool science tips, but on a day like today, I want to honor the memory of those who gave their lives on such a tragic day.   I remember the day started out perfectly normal, I went to work just as always. I remember the phone call from my husband that my manager was handing to me, which was strange because he never called me on … [Read more...]

5 More Tips to Help You Get it All Done

Awhile back I wrote a post with 5 tips for how we get it all done, but since then my little guy has arrived fully into toddler land. He's decided not to take a nap anymore, which was my work time, and teaching him about rest time is not going as well as I had planned.  Plus, my daughter is more active in dance this year, which takes up extra time and requires that we are more diligent about … [Read more...]