You might be a homeschool scientist if . . .

You might be a homeschool scientist if . . . {Elemental Blogging}I love science and we homeschool, so I like to consider myself a homeschool scientist.

As we step into the new year, I thought that I would share with you twenty ways you can use to determine whether or not you are a homeschool scientist.

These may or may not have come from real life experiences, but I will not admit to any specifics.

So, here we go!

You might be a homeschool scientist if . . .

20. Your husband has said, “I actually like this version of {insert some kind of food dish}, please stop experimenting.”

19. You have been known to recite the step of the scientific method in your sleep.

18. Your child has rolled their eyes before saying, “Mom, it’s just soggy cereal, not a study of how milk can breakdown the weak intramolecular forces found in Cheerios.”

17. You carry a palm-sized microscope instead of a pocket knife. Your motto is to always be prepared for science!

16. You turned at least one of your Christmas cookie baking sessions into a science lesson.

15. Your Christmas tree was decorated with multiple Borax snowflakes which you have collected over the years.

14. Your kids refer to the kitchen as ” her lab” and the pantry as “the supply cabinet.”

13. You have an entire Pinterest board devoted to science jokes.

12. There are at least five “science experiment” labels on various items in your fridge.

11. Your science encyclopedia collection has its own bookcase.

10. A five minute walk to the library takes you well over an hour as you stopped to examine each of the different tree species along the way.

9. You have two catalogs on your beside stand – one from Rainbow Resources and one from Carolina Biological.

8. You have knit your very own frog model for dissection.

7. You just clicked on that frog model link and are now mentally calculating what you need to make your own.

6. You secretly wish you could submit a project to the annual homeschool co-op science fair.

5. You get mistaken for a tour guide at your local science museum.

4. You can quote/describe almost all of the BBC Planet Earth series by heart.

3. You go to the local butcher to find your next dissection specimen and remember that you also need a rib roast for your in-laws upcoming visit.

2. You are subscribed to all ten of these blogs.

And the number one reason you might be a homeschool scientist . . .

1. You bought the Lego Research Institute set for yourself and only let your kids play with it sparingly.

Scoring your Results

If you said yes to less than two of these, my guess is you are a whiz at grammar.

If you said yes to two to six of these, you are on your way to becoming a homeschool scientist.

If you said yes to seven to twelve of these, you might be a homeschool scientist.

If you said yes to thirteen to seventeen of these, you are definitely a homeschool scientist.

If you said yes to eighteen or more of these, you should be writing this blog.

So, what did you find out? Are you a homeschool scientist?

by Paige Hudson


  1. That pretty much sums up life here. That knit frog dissection is excellent! I’m going to have to show my daughter the knitter that. Maybe I’ll have her make it for biology next year 🙂

    • I figured that might be the case ;-). I’m trying to convince my daughter to knit a frog, but so far she refuses to knit dead things. Kendra Fletcher has a pattern if you are looking for one.