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The lilac is one of the most appealing flowers in spring due to its beauty, sweet smell, and color. Learn about this flowering bush in an instant!

We have this incredibly huge lilac bush in the back of our property. We estimate that it is over 80 years old. And every spring it is literally covered in sweet smelling blooms. It’s akin to something you would find in a novel and definitely something we look forward to year after year.

The lilac is a bush that is typically grown for its beauty and smell as well as its ability to offer shade and privacy. The blooms, which appear in spring can range in color from pink to purple to white or yellow. They tiny flowers grow together in a cluster that lasts for only a few weeks. Each bloom has four petals arranged radially.

The lilac is native to Europe and Asia. The bushes were brought over to North America in the early years of America’s development to plant in New England’s newly formed botanical gardens. Since lilacs are so easy to grow, these bushes quickly spread from the public garden to the private backyard.

Fun Fact – Lilac bushes can live to be over 100 years old!

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"Warble of Lilac-time" by Walt Whitman | Learn more about lilacs with InstaScience from Elemental Blogging