Wonderful flowers for your winter world {Pansies}

Every year as the brilliant colors of the summer flowers fade, I like to plant a few pansies. And I am not alone, along with mums pansies are among the most popular cool season blooms. Not only are they are easy to grow, but they provide beautiful color throughout late fall and into winter. Pansies are part of the viola family, which contains 500 species - including pansies and violets. Pansies … [Read more...]

Daisies {InstaScience}

Around this time of year we start to see Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and fall colored floral arrangements. Most of these flower bunches include a few daisies thanks to their variety of fall-ish colors. These flowers can be red, pink, purple, yellow, or orange. But their most iconic look is white with a yellow center. With daisies, what we see as one flower is actually a composite flower. Each daisy … [Read more...]

Queen Anne’s Lace {InstaScience}

One of my favorite late summer field flowers is the Queen Anne’s Lace. There is a myth that says this flower has been named after Queen Anne of England who was an expert in making lace. Based on the legends, Queen Anne pricked her finger with a needle and a single drop of blood fell onto the lace, leaving the dark purple floret found in the flower's center. However the color got there, these … [Read more...]

Purple Coneflower {InstaScience}

I am in love with purple and with fresh flowers, so you know that when we came across these amazing looking purple coneflowers on one of our walks, we had to stop to take a picture! The purple coneflower is a wildflower that looks like a daisy. It is an erect, perennial herb that grows 1-3 feet stems in height and has medium-green lanced-shaped leaves. The flowers are typically purple, but the … [Read more...]

Lilacs {InstaScience}

We have this incredibly huge lilac bush in the back of our property. We estimate that it is over 80 years old. And every spring it is literally covered in sweet smelling blooms. It’s akin to something you would find in a novel and definitely something we look forward to year after year. The lilac is a bush that is typically grown for its beauty and smell as well as its ability to offer shade … [Read more...]

Tulips {InstaScience}

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing! One of my favorite parts of spring are the bounty of blooms that are popping, brightening the landscape with their color. And the tulip is the queen of these spring flowers! Tulips bloom between March and May and they hold the spot of the most sought after spring flowers. These plants are part of a group of bulb flowers, … [Read more...]