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The oak tree is a symbol of strength and nobility. Learn about these trees in and instant at Elemental Blogging! {Science Activities Included}

The oak tree is a symbol of strength and nobility. They grace our land with their gnarled, widespread, solid branches. The oak tree was one of the first trees I learned how to identify, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Oak trees can grow to around 100 feet tall. They have a sturdy trunk with branches spreading to create a full tree, providing ample shade. In the winter, the oak sheds it leaves making it a deciduous tree.

All oak trees produce a fruit known as an acorn, but it takes them about 20 years to do so. There are hundreds of different species of oak, but they fall into two main categories – white oaks and black oaks.

White oaks have leaves that are lobed and round. The wood of these trees is heavy and light-colored. Trees in the white oak family, like the chestnut and burr oaks, have acorns that mature in a year.

Black oaks have leaves with lobes that are angular and often end in sharp points. The wood of these trees is heavy and can have a dark or reddish tint to it. Trees in the black oak family, like the red and pin oaks, have acorns that mature in two years, so you can often find acorns hanging on their branches throughout winter.

Fun Fact – Mature oak tree cans absorb as much as 50 gallons of water per day!

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