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Elemental Science’s Biology for the Logic Stage: Day 1 & 2

This year we have been working through our program,  Biology for the Logic Stage.  At first, my daughter was a bit miffed at me that I wouldn't let her do Sassafras Science instead, but she has definitely warmed up to the idea now. Last year I shared with you what a week with Physics for the Grammar Stage looked like in our homeschool, so I wanted to take some time to share what one of … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of…

Well, it's the final week of the Not Back to School Blog Hop.  This week is "A Day in the Life of...", so here's a look at what a typical day at our house looks like.  Some days I do have a helper who comes in, but this is still how our weekdays usually flow. 6:00-7:00 am I wake up, do my devotions and check my emails.  If I'm lucky little man sleeps till 7, so I can actually respond the the … [Read more...]

The Elemental Science Story

The Elemental Science Story (aka How We Got Started) Elemental Science began when I was researching programs for my daughter to use for first grade. In my research I was unable to find a program that was affordable, fit with the classical education model and was fun to do. So, I began to write my own program. One day, in early 2008, as I was busily working on the program my husband asked me … [Read more...]

What do you get when Google and Charlotte Mason collide? Digital Nature Study!

OK Google, meet Ms. Charlotte Mason's ideas on learning science through nature. Then, let's modernize them for today's world. And now we have . . . {cue drumroll} . . . digital nature study. Seriously, we live in an age where information is available at the touch of a button. We literally carry mini-computers in our pockets! Our fingertips can find out in seconds what used to take … [Read more...]

The Charming Crocus – Find it in Siberia and Your Backyard

When we lived in Virginia, the sight of crocus blooms popping up in our yard meant that spring was close at hand. I think that is the reason why the crocus remains one of my favorite spring bulbs! But did you know that there are over 80 different varieties of crocus? The crocus is part of the iris family and is thought to have originated in Europe, Asia, and Africa.  These flowers can live from … [Read more...]

Bottlenose Dolphins – Have You Seen These Amazing Aquatic Mammals?

Now, I realize that the likelihood of you having dolphins in your backyard to observe is about as likely as you penguins. But, chances are high that you kids love bottlenose dolphins, thanks to movies like A Dolphin’s Tale. So, why don’t we take a moment to learn about these amazing aquatic mammals! Bottlenose dolphins are very smart and playful marine mammals. They are often spotted jumping … [Read more...]