Top 4 Classical Education Blogs

I am a big fan of classical education, after all it is the method we use in our own homeschool. I also enjoy reading homeschool blogs because like you, I am inspired by what others are doing in the homeschooling world. So today, I wanted to share with you all four of the blogs I head to for classical education inspiration! My Top 4 Classical Education Blogs I have been reading the … [Read more...]

What should I do if I find classical education in the middle of the cycle?

So, you have just stumble upon this wonderful method for homeschooling called classical education. Maybe you found it when a friend handed you her copy of The Well-Trained Mind. Maybe you stumbled upon the classical science series on this blog and fell in love. But no matter how you found it, you want to start using this method in your homeschool. The only problem is that your oldest is … [Read more...]

Can classical science be rigorous?

A few weeks ago I share about the basics of classical education for homeschool and how science fits into this methodology. Normally when one thinks of classical education for homeschool, they equate it with literature, Latin, and history rich studies. Science is often seen as an afterthought or as a weak, book-centered addition to typically rigorous curriculum plan. Today, I want to share … [Read more...]