Top 4 Classical Education Blogs

Top 4 Classical Education Blogs | Elemental BloggingI am a big fan of classical education, after all it is the method we use in our own homeschool.

I also enjoy reading homeschool blogs because like you, I am inspired by what others are doing in the homeschooling world.

So today, I wanted to share with you all four of the blogs I head to for classical education inspiration!

My Top 4 Classical Education Blogs

I have been reading the following blogs for a year or more.

These ladies post about more than classical education, but they all use this method in their homeschool. I frequently pin little classical education nuggets from each of them.

I have also gleaned quite a bit of encouragement and inspiration for my homeschool journey from them. So, thank you ladies!

1. Amy at Living and Learning at Home

  • Don’t Miss – Oral Narration
  • Classical Focus – You will really appreciate this blog if you have a preschooler or grammar stage student.

This post is part of Amy’s 10 Things to do before the age of 10 series. I really enjoyed her explanation of oral narration and the goals she shared at the end of the post.

Amy shares tons of encouragement, inspiration, and resources for classical education. She also hosts the Trivium Tuesday and the Classical Mamas Read link-ups, both of which you simply must check out as a classical educator.

On top of that, she also offers classical copywork on a variety of topics.

2. Mary at Homegrown Learners

  • Don’t Miss – When your homeschool must change
  • Classical Focus – You will really appreciate this blog if you are interested in or participating in Classical Conversations.

I have been following Mary for years now and have watched her grow comfortable in her role as classical educator. I love the vulnerability with which she shares about her homeschool journey, like in the post above.

She shares some on the day-to-day experiences of a classical education and quite a bit about their experience with Classical Conversations.

Do not miss her music curriculum SQUILT, which is a favorite in our house!

3. Tonia at The Sunny Patch

I love how Tonia brings the loftier ideals of classical education into the reality of the normal homeschooling family, like she did in the post above.

She regularly shares practical how-to posts and easily explains the concepts of classical education, including self-education. One trip to her blog and you’ll walk away with plenty of classical food for thought.

4. Sara Dennis at Classically Homeschooling

When I first read the above post, my daughter was just finishing 6th grade and I nodded all the way through it! I love how Sara shares about the concepts of classical education in a practical, yet entertaining way.

Her blog is a pleasure to read and I’ve gleaned more than one classical education nugget from her.

A few more Classical Education Blogs

If you utilize classical education methods in your homeschool, you will also want to check the following group blog:

It is a relatively new blog, but they are consistently sharing great advice for and practical experiences with classical education!

Here are three more classical education blogs that are on my radar, but are still relatively new to me:

You can also check out some of great classical education posts on this group board:

Follow Amy Maze’s board Best of – Classical Homeschool Bloggers on Pinterest.

The Final Product

I trust that you will enjoy checking out all of the blogs above as you seek to learn more about classical education.

You can discover more about this method and how it relates to classical science through the following posts:

As always, if you have any questions about classical education, our experience with it, or want to suggest a blog that I didn’t, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

by Paige Hudson


  1. Oh gosh, Paige. Thanks so much for your kind words and for including my blog.

  2. What an honor! Thank you, Paige, for including me in this list! I am a big fan of all the blogs you listed as well =)

  3. Thank you for the “Honorable Mention” I am honored to be listed with the such awesome bloggers. I am also a fan of your blog!

  4. Paige, thanks so much for mentioning us! We are pretty geeked to be noticed by Elemental Blogging!

  5. Paige — thank you so much for mentioning Homegrown Learners here…. great post!

  6. Thank you so much for recommending me! It’s an honor to be included in a list of excellent classical homeschool blogs I adore reading. 🙂

  7. I can’t wait to check these out, as a relaxed classical homeschooling momma. I’d recommend checking out Schole Sisters … they’re a new site, and I love the encouragement I see there.

    • Dianna,

      I haven’t heard of Schole Sisters yet, so thank you for sharing that! I’m sure you’ll glean a classical education gem or two from the above blogs. Have fun checking them out!