Lichens {InstaScience}

Lichens are found throughout the world, growing on tree trunks and rocks. Lichens can be found in some of the harshest environments, such as the arctic tundra, which makes them great subjects for winter science! Lichens are the result of a symbiotic, or mutually beneficial, partnership between a fungus and an alga plant or a… Continue reading Lichens {InstaScience}

Squirrels {InstaScience}

We live in a neighborhood with lots of oak and walnut trees. In addition to all the wonderful shade, we also have a lot of wildlife visiting our backyard to feed on the acorns and nuts these trees produce. One of those visitors is the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed squirrel! Did you know that there are over 260… Continue reading Squirrels {InstaScience}

Basalt {InstaScience}

We found this super strange looking rock in a creek on our property. It’s quite large and very hard. I hate to admit it, but I was stumped. I’m more of a lab rat than a rock hound. So like any good homeschoolers, we looked it up and found out that our large grey chunk… Continue reading Basalt {InstaScience}

Ocean Waves {InstaScience}

There are very few things as peaceful as the sound of the ocean waves as they gently crest onto shore. It is a sound you can count on hearing every time you set foot in the beach. But what causes this to happen? Waves are the result of energy moving through the water. And there… Continue reading Ocean Waves {InstaScience}

Fossils {InstaScience}

We found this fossil of a shell a few years back as we were skipping stones in a local river. Luckily, our daughter turned her stone over and found the impression fossil. Now, the stone is a part of our ever-growing rock collection. Fossils are bits of plants or animals that have been preserved from… Continue reading Fossils {InstaScience}