Sunset {InstaScience}

The beauty of a sunset can take your breath away. The reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows can be stunning, but why don’t we see this every night? Sunset is the time of day when the sun dips below the horizon. As this happens, the light from the sun travels a farther distance. During this journey, the different wavelengths or light are scattered by water and dust in the atmosphere. The shorter … [Read more...]

Oak Tree {InstaScience}

The oak tree is a symbol of strength and nobility. They grace our land with their gnarled, widespread, solid branches. The oak tree was one of the first trees I learned how to identify, so it holds a special place in my heart. Oak trees can grow to around 100 feet tall. They have a sturdy trunk with branches spreading to create a full tree, providing ample shade. In the winter, the oak sheds it … [Read more...]

Spanish Moss {InstaScience}

I loved visiting my Grammy growing up - she always had our favorite sugar cereal and ice cream on hand when we visited. But, more than that she had a fantastic yard with a monkey grass maze and several massive oak trees draped with Spanish moss. Every time I see this plant, I’m instantly transported back to those hot summer days running around in my grandmother's backyard. Spanish moss covered … [Read more...]

Streams {InstaScience}

Whether you stumble upon a babbling brook or a swift-moving stream as you hike through the woods, both will invariable cause you to pause and stare for a moment. Streams are beautiful to look at, but they are also an important part of the forest habitat. Streams provide a water source and a home for the animals found in the region. But these swift-moving threads of water also serve to move … [Read more...]

Sand Dunes {InstaScience}

If you have been to the beach, you have most likely seen sand dunes. They are those bumps you have to traverse before you get to the real prize - the beach! But did you know that those dunes serve a purpose? Today, we are going to dig into the dunes and learn about this amazing ecosystem. There are interior sands dunes, like the ones you find at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, … [Read more...]

Starfish {InstaScience}

One of my favorite animals in the sea is the starfish - I love the variety and beauty of these amazing creatures! And I feel that beach science month would be incomplete without us chatting about these marine animals. Starfish are also known as sea stars. These marine invertebrates are part of a group known as echinoderms. Echinoderms are animals with spiny skin and sucker feet that all have … [Read more...]